Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jailbreaking: Advantages and Disadvantages

First off, jailbreaking is LEGAL. Some of the properties of jailbreaking are not.

So you wan't to jailbreak your iPod? Read internet exploitations 2.0 and get back to me. this is about people who have jailbroken and dunno what to do.

Welcome to jailbreak! First off, you want Cydia and Rock (you need to install rock) Rock is a bit easier to use, but not everything works with it. Many people ask about themes. Themes are installed via Winterboard, and can be altered with the winterboard app. Some themes are installed for you, such as Saurick's packages and stuff. You can get any kind of theme you want really, just as long as it's on Cydia or Rock, I use Glaskart Complete as it is one of the most complete and all encompassing themes there is to offer, boasting 6600+ icons, and tons more extra features. Another great customizable feature is the sounds or UI. These range from Mario, to glad0s to Droid UI (my favorite) These sounds are as simple as start-up, shut-down, charging, email, message

Friday, September 10, 2010

Internet Exploitations 2.0

First off, I've been so busy recently with school I've neglected to post. Sorry to my regulars.
Anyways, welcome to Internet Exploitations v.2.0! This edition will contain Jailbreaking, Torrenting (by request) and a miscellaneous what to and not to buy from the internet. First off, the trend popularized by Saurick, with his service "cydia", Jailbreaking. This has been boiled down to a science, from the early days of hard-reseting to simply going to jailbreakme.com* on your iPhone or iPod touch. (* from 3.1.2-4.0.1) Other than doing the site way, if you have an incompatible firmware you can always use Blackra1n. This is the famed "one touch jailbreak" that was invented by Blackweather. Aside from the overall jailbreak, which you can find how to from google or modmi forums, what should you do with your newly jailbroken iPod? I can't "advise" you to do anything totally illegal (ex. adding cydia.hackulo.us to your sources) But there are still many things you can do!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lucid Dreamin pt.2

Last time I posted it was about Lucid Dreaming, specifically about the DILD type. As promised I present to you pt.2 of my two part series on Lucid Dreaming, the WILD technique.
This technique is not recommended for beginners to Lucid Dreaming, due to the fact that it requires actual skill and timing, along with resistance and TONS of practice. These are however, very vivid and long lasting. Ask anyone who's perfected WILDs and they'll tell you that they are extremely worth the effort. Now, how does one execute a WILD? First off, WILD stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dream. This means you wake up (most effectively during REM {Rapid Eye Movement}) and then fall back to sleep. There are many techniques in doing this but one of the most accepted ways is to time your sleep. This means setting a vibration alarm on your cellular phone, placing it in your pocket then falling asleep. This is the best overall technique for the experienced DILD users and the new WILD users. This wakes your brain up just enough so you can think a little bit. During this

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucid Dreamin pt. 1

Lucid Dreaming is by definition when someone is "lucid" or conscious that they are dreaming. I'm sure most of you have had at least one, being able to control your dream; just jump and fly like super man, or fuck anyone you want. This "lucidity" can be achieved via WILD, DILD or just getting lucky. Usually WILD (wake induced lucid dream) is the best. However it is not ideal for beginners. The one most suitable for beginners is the DILD or Dream Induced Lucid Dream. Many people argue that this is the same as a random one, but it is not. Randoms happen arbitrarily, whereas DILDs are done with practice and intent. The easiest way to achieve a lucid dream is to, while EXTREMELY, and I mean extremely tired, lay down flat with your arms at your side. You will have to lay completely still for about 20- 30 mins, this means DO NOT MOVE, DO NOT SWALLOW (lol) DO NOT BLINK!!! Why did I rage capslock? Because it's important. If you move your body will not fall asleep without your brain staying awake. During these 20-30 mins it is important to "try" to blank your mind or to listen to binural beats through headphones (not buds). Also, the reason I stressed to not move during this time frame is simple, your brain will send signals to your body to see if it's ready to rest.

Internet Exploitations 1.0

Even though I've primarily been reviewing movies, I am also here to guide one through the internet, and tell of its great secrets. Some of these are obvious, some are not. Some you've heard, few you may not have.
Starting off with shopping. Internet shopping is a big thing for guys my age (18) and women who can get out of the kitchen, It shows deals of up to 92% off (highest I've seen) as well as subtracting the fear-factor from ebays products not working. Amazon is extremely reliable, I've been using them for years and never had a faulty product. You can also choose the shipping rates, standard is 3-5 business days but  it can go as low as next day if you want it that way. Another great exploit are proxies. I'm sure many of you know what these are and how they work, but for those who don't; A proxy is a web-server which scrambles your IP adress to something else, so you can view sites you previously could not view, schools block most of these. Lately people have been using proxies to hack facebook, myspace, youtube and many others without being caught due to the scrambled IP address. Lately the addition of addons to browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox has greatly increased the browsing experience. For example, you know those pesky web-page surveys before you can

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haven't Slept in a year?

The "Machinist" is a classic, twisted, Mind-fuck movie. Starring Christian Bale as Trevor Reznick, a man whom has not slept in one year. He works in a factory during the nights, the so called "Grave-yard" shift. He goes to his meal of the day at an airport, where he constantly has "conversations" with the waitress, Maria. He regularly has a prostitute, Stevie, whom he loves. The main plot of the movie is vague, but there. The thing about this movie is it was one of Bale's last movies before he completely transformed from the American Psycho, Insomniac, to the Hero of Gotham, in Batman Begins (2004). This is what made Christian Bale one of my favorite actors, as he plays both a hero and an antihero very well. I cannot review this movie without giving it away, as much is up to the viewer, as you will find out once you see it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Primer.

“Primer” is a raw, low-budget take on that staple of filmed sci-fi, the time travel tale. But unlike movies that take you through time on a DeLorean, or on a comfy chair with attached roulette wheel, or simply through the power of wishing really hard, the time machine in “Primer” is built (partly) with present-day technology, and it looks and feels like something that could exist in the real world.
The movie achieves verisimilitude through an almost documentary-like approach, making it one of the most engrossing time travel movies ever told… for the first hour, at least. After that point, it devolves into a confusing morass of causality loops and overlapping timelines that demands multiple viewings. However, it’s unclear just how many viewings are required before the movie’s third act even begins to make sense.