Friday, August 27, 2010

American Psycho: A piece of cinematography

American Psycho is the story of a  wall street company  vice president ( Played by Christian Bale) who finds that his comfy life at 27 is not fulfilled by money, nor by possessions, but by the taking of other humans lives. He is extremely self conscious, in fact there is an entire scene depicting his vanity, and how he prepares his body for the days events. He is also incredibly fit, and while filming himself having intercourse with a prostitute, he focuses little on her (or them) and more on his physique. The way he carries out his murders are quite intricate, as many of you have seen (due to the way I have been added) There is a seen where he points to a shelf (talking about his music collection) clothed in a raincoat; which was transformed into an image with that frame on it in which the poster says "Check out my Doubles" usually resulting in failure, as rolling doubles is a 10% chance. Moving on; it is revealed that Bale is having an affair with "The biggest asshole in NYC's" Fiancé: whom when Bale tries to murder by putting his hands around his neck while urinating, comes out of the closet for his to-be murderer; which unfortunately never happen. Skipping most of the movie, as I don't feel like writing much more: The end of the movie is quite, er...thoughtful, and very open ended. I personally believe that he just had a creative mind, and was indeed psychotic. Though he did have some heads in the fridge.


  1. Of course, Wanna do it again tomorrow?

  2. i think its a great film too.