Friday, August 27, 2010

Kick-Ass, Not Kick-Ass, but still pretty good.

The film "Kick-Ass" Which debuted earlier this year (2010) is a movie based on one of the best selling comic books of all time. Ironically, I hadn't heard anything about "Kick-Ass" prior to its release, but then again, I am out of sync with the comic book world. It presents the story of a normal kid, David, who is just that: Normal. No " that is until" or " then suddenly"or anything super natural, he just decided he wanted to be a super hero. He ordered a suit and mask offline, and when it arrived he began to practice, until he came into action. He was meandering around the back alleyways when suddenly he saw two "punks" trying to break into a car. Long story short he got his ass-kicked, which results in him getting "fucked-up nerve endings" and metal plates put into him. Now, I personally believe that this was his "superpower" as he takes a lot of hits that would've KO'd him if he hadn't had this condition. This totally undermines the movie, which is supposed to be about how he fought crime without any superpowers, however he gained superpowers, making the theme of the movie one enormous contradiction. Longer story short, he re-obtains his costume and actually trains, equipping himself with tonfas to beat up criminals with. Note- he only actually fights people twice, once with his tonfas and another time with a jetpack-gatling gun. Nicholas Cage plays a total badass, and is the true hero of the movie. Kick-ass is really not much of a hero at all, but lets face it: you probably wouldn't do what he did for the lulz.


  1. nice review, just followed you because i enjoy them - check my blog out if you wish, will be doing similar things!


  2. I thought Kick Ass was great. Hit-Girl really made the movie for me haha